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For 2 months in the Spring of 2000 David Morrison, Paul Calhoun, Yusuke Murakami, and myself toiled over a new IBM RedBook at the Lotus Development building on the bank of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. Deadlines, as always, were a constant headache, as we were working with bleeding-edge technologies like XML, DOM parsers, XSLT engines, and FrameMaker ;). We all ended up going home almost done, and finishing remotely, about a month or two later.

The result was worth the effort – the XML Programming Bible came out in November 2000, and it was one of the best “selling” RedBooks ever! At Lotusphere 2001, Paul and I handed out literally pallets of books on the show floor, and spoke to an overflow crowd of about 800 in each of 2 sessions covering the key items in the book.

Surprisingly, a lot of the book is still relevant today. DXL was just emerging as a notes “Standard” (and it’s surprising how little it’s changed since then), so we relied more on raw XML for our examples, therefore most of the examples in the book are still very relevant today. In fact, I am using some of the parsing and XML generation/XSLT code from the book for a pet project I’m working on now. On page 36 there’s even some information on SOAP and how it could be used to talk to other Web servers….

If you’re coding XML solutions and need samples, I suggest downloading it (it's free), and having a look – there’s probably something in there that you will find useful. And if you want a paper copy for yourself, they’re still available on Amazon, for $.030 new and $.031 used (?).

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