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Download Lotus® Domino® Designer 8.5.1, an Eclipse-based rapid application development tool for building collaborative Web 2.0 applications that run on Lotus Notes and Domino. Designer includes XPages which allows developers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills along with a set of modern Web controls, Dojo and built in Ajax services to build applications.

New to Lotus Domino Designer? Download Introduction to Lotus Domino Designer 8.5, a course that provides the basics of getting started with Domino Designer 8.5 to develop traditional Notes and Domino applications as well as applications using XPages. This course is available for free to allow people using the new no-charge Domino Designer 8.5 license to get started with Domino application development.

This is a no-charge product. All of the product's features are enabled. Developers may use Domino Designer to build applications that are run locally. To deploy applications developed with Lotus Domino Designer to Lotus Domino software, you must purchase the Lotus Domino Enterprise Client Access License offering for all supported users.

Download Lotus Domino Designer

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