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Lotus has just published 8.5.1 FP2, 8.5.2 is planned for Q3.List of all things fixed in 8.5.1 FP2 can be found here You can download 8.5.1 FP2 from IBM Fix Central

Here is a list of top things fixed in 8.5.1 FP2.

  • NBJC7WU7WY Error "The installation of Lotus iNotes 8.5 Control has been blocked or declined by the user" was displayed after choosing to install the ActiveX...
  • BKAN6WLR7M Busytime lookups will now work if the users Home Server is down but its clustermates are up
  • MLAT7TGLYN This fix allows Notes standard to shut down cleanly when windows is shut down/ logged off. There are some known problems when replication at exit is...
  • CSMH7XAGEC Folder title name corruption causing inconsistent behavior with Notes Client interoperability. Modified the logic to travel one folder up and then...
  • CTOI7W7JD9 After upgrading, Notes would sometimes crash after entering a password.
  • JSTN7W6TRZ Fixed an occasional crash in dynconfig, client policy enforcement.
  • DCOY7XP2NA Multiple NLNOTES processes were launched at startup and NEMCheckPreviousInstances were causing the client to shutdown. Fix for ntaskldr to exit if..
  • RAGG7RCNVX Fixed a Notes client crash on shutdown.
  • PMIA7WUQRH Failover did not always work in a cluster if any cluster mates did not have a replica of the target application.
  • MOBN7W7RRM Fixed a problem where incorrect documents were getting deleted when using multiple rapid delete keys.
  • WSCN7YJHRH Decreased the time it takes to rebuild the DAOS.cfg file and the time it takes to populate the DAOS Object Index during resync.
  • DROO7YANZ6 Fixed a DAOS problem locating an NLO (Notes Large Object) when hint in the object header is wrong.
  • DROO7ZNPZ8 Added a new DAOSMGR resync switch to perform a quick resync. This new switch updates the DIT and DOI but does not run through the databases or...
  • YHAO7HECAA Fixed an issue of Firefox 3.0.x/3.5.x on Windows Vista/7: Lotus Domino Off-line Services (DOLS) plugin caused the browser to crash when trying to...
  • HYAI7PV9S2 Fix to ACL class to allow method to record updates. This regression was introduced in 7.0.3 and 8.0.2.
  • RSCR6MBJ3C Lotus Notes crash when executing the LotusScript DIR function (or Dir$) when using a large path and file name that is greater than 256 characters. ..
  • ! KCAR7THKRC Fixed an infinite loop which occurred when converting UUEncoded Mime attachments to CD. A workaround for this issue is to remove the database quota..
  • MKIA7V396X Fixed a problem when iNotes failed to remove it's own cookie values. The LTPA token was regarded as invalid in the browser and it caused a session...
  • MJON7X8LBQ Prior to this fix, embedded images were not printing. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
  • MCOT7LCR9X Fixed a problem where ID vault lookup would not work with a scripted client setup. This also fixes a layout problem in the replication setting...
  • YDEN7NCNP3 Fixed a problem where the Notes.ini became corrupted when the server attempted to lock the file.
  • YXRR7ZX8SY Removed an unnecessary from platform feature patch
  • CWOT7Y2U6J Notes will not restart after upgrading plug-in in a CA.
  • VROI7PFH4N Fixed a random crash which occurred when a user switched previewing between normal mail and MIME mail. It also occurred when opening a MIME message..
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