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We're looking for your short video demonstrations that showcase cool/funny/smart ways to use Lotus and its extended capabilities. We invite you to create short videos on how you know Lotus. These videos should showcase specific capabilities that demonstrate how end users know Lotus. Be creative, Be original, Be specific. Have Fun! Please go to to learn more and to submit.


There are people out there who still dont know about all the great things that Lotus can do. Thats not right.

Thats like not knowing about the Internet or modern medicine. Or the difference between druid and a warlock—ridiculous.

So were appealing to all the folks out there who know Lotus, and can help educate the less knowledgeable among us who still may still think a plug-in is a waffle iron. Or that threading means knitting a scarf for winter.

Lotus knows how to link your emails with live content on the web.

It knows how to mashup applications and corporate data so you can stay current and do your job better.

Lotus knows how to create widgets, thread email conversations, and how to work across Macs, PCs, and Linux.

There are lots of things that Lotus can do. And, chances are, there are a few of you out there with your own ideas.

So help us out. Make a video that shows how you use Lotus. It can be about using live text, IBM Mashup Center, LotusLive, or anything you feel is worth submitting.

But, please, upload your videos as soon as you can. Or else you might end explaining to someone why having a meeting in a cloud has nothing to do with talking to someone on an airplane.

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