Artikel: Webinar - Comparing LotusLive, Domino Hosting, Disaster Recovery and More | Bron

Why pay for all that expensive travel cost? Join us for another quality webinar next week on April 15 2010. Soon, the subscription webcast series will open with deep technical content, so pay close attention for discounts and early registration as full series subscribers will be limited.

Are you having difficulty understanding all the differences in LotusLive iNotes, Notes, Notes Web and other packages? How does integration work with my current environment? How does LotusLive compare to Domino hosting as we know it?

Can I use these systems for disaster recovery? Can I integrate my directory? Can you make this simpler for me to grasp?

Join us to walk through all of these questions to provide some simple explanations and how this is beginning to fit together. Find out what parts could fit your current infrastructure and what portions are new.

Registration is now open for this new webinar in the ConsultantInYourPocket series.

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