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Discover the IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino software platform
Many businesses are focusing on doing more with less today in order to prepare for growth tomorrow. For thousands of companies worldwide, IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Domino® software is helping them to do just that.
We understand the business challenges you face every day. Lotus Notes and Domino software not only helps you meet these challenges, but can also revolutionize the way your entire company operates. And you can choose the method of bringing this environment to your business: through the cloud; as a fully customizable, on-premise solution; or as an easy-to-deploy appliance. We provide flexibility and choice, allowing you to select the combination of methods that best suits your business needs.

Plus, you get the support of the IBM Business Partner
community, providing wide-ranging solutions to practically any business problem in any industry.

Sound familiar?
Businesses today struggle with many challenges:
• A more competitive landscape that demands a greater level of innovation
• Escalating pressure to reduce costs, save energy and
reduce their carbon footprint
• Increasing compliance requirements
• Budget pressures that make it essential to reuse
existing assets
• The arrival of a more technically savvy generation of workers that expects the latest social networking and
information-sharing technologies at work
• Global business operations that require minimal downtime
• An increasingly mobile workforce that needs access to company systems from just about anywhere to keep the business running
• Growing popularity of software as a service as an alternative deployment method
• IT application backlogs that hinder the ability to address business needs in a timely manner
Whether you’re a line of business manager, business end user, developer, manager or administrator, IBM Lotus Notes and Domino software is designed to help you meet your challenges head-on with tools that enable you to do more—and create more—with less.

“ Moving from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino software reduced software licensing costs by about 50 percent.”
—Dr. Tariq Marikar, director of product development and CIO, Suntel, Ltd.

Transform your business
Lotus Notes and Domino software is built from the ground
up to help you make the most of your business. It has helped businesses of all sizes streamline their processes, cut costs and speed time to market.

Many companies use Lotus Notes and Domino software to
run their critical business applications—customer relationship management, help desk, sales force automation, billing systems and more. This helps them get work done faster and make better decisions, optimizing both the top and bottom line.

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