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Artikel: Five Companies that Need to Build Better iPad Apps | Bron

Five Companies that Need to Build Better iPad Apps Now We're a week and a half into the iPad Era, so we have a better idea of both the opportunity and limitations of Apple's latest computing platform. What's clear is this: with what's estimated to be almost a half-million iPads in circulation now, in such a short amount of time, it has now become one of the fastest-growing computing platforms of all time.

Companies that are slow to become part of the iPad ecosystem will pay a price in lost opportunity. The iPad platform will speed the change in the market's use patterns, and there are several companies that need to get cracking so they're not left in the dust. To date, they've either been slow to respond, or have responded weakly or not at all. Since iPad years move much faster than even web years (remember web years?), they have little time to waste.

Here are five companies that need to port critical products or technologies to the iPad platform:

IBM The Armonk, N.Y.-based computer giant has done industry-leading work in the area of on-demand computing, messaging (via its Lotus platforms), and Web 2.0 with its pioneering work in mashup software. Earlier, IBM released an app to provide some access to Lotus Domino servers on the iPhone. But IBM and Lotus need to take the next step and bring a more robust version of Notes to the iPad in an easy, native App that will extend the usefulness of its messaging, calendaring and productivity technology. Microsoft has delivered Exchange as a native messaging option on iPhone and iPad. IBM and Lotus need to work on doing the same, now, or the risk is that its platform will become much less relevant; 

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