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Weet iemand welke verbeteringen er zijn voor de iPhone. Zit hier personen uitnodigen op je iPhone bij ?
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Artikel: Lotus Notes® and Domino® 8.5.2 | Bron

IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino® 8.5.2 provides enhancements for both the end user (Lotus Notes, Lotus® iNotes™ and Lotus Notes Traveler) and developers (Domino Designer). Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.2:
Allows Lotus Notes to take advantage of improved instant messaging and unified telephony services provided by Lotus Sametime®
Contains usability and productivity enhancements to the Lotus iNotes mail and calendaring experience
Supports the Apple iPad and new features of the Apple iPhone with Lotus Notes Traveler
Has new XPage features and extensibility APIs, as well as Lotus Domino Designer enhancements that provide developers with additional capabilities

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